“I believe in balance. A design should be a balance of style and function as well as comfort. A good design is beautiful. A great design enhances your life and that is what makes a home. “

–Jacob Medina

I studied Biotechnology at University of Houston Clear Lake with the plan to go Medical School after I graduated. I knew pretty quickly that the medical field wasn’t right for me, but I wasn’t sure what was. I worked in the customer service industry for a few years until I discovered the world of design. I had always thought of design as a hobby, but not a profession. I quickly realized that Interior Design was right for me and created Medina Designs 

“I came into Interior Design with a  passion for curating homes and the desire to enhance the life of my clients”

My past clients refer to me as kind, thoughtful, and dedicated. Interior design is unique because it is very intimate. Client’s are like family and it is important they are taken care of. That is why I always bring in the best team members to make the design process the most efficient and stress-free that it can be. I collaborate with renowned architects, builders, organizers, landscapers and craftsman to complete your design. 

I aim to take my designs one step further than just the design of the rooms, whether that means procuring the dinner ware for the home or a unique blend of wines for the bar. I work to create a home, so that when I walk out the front door your home is ready for you to live in. 

“He is kind and thoughtful, listened to everything we said and quickly came up with a design that gave us everything we wanted and needed.”

–M. Martir