I know that hiring an interior designer can be nerve-wracking. Don’t stress! I completely understand. Let me answer some of the big questions here. If your question isn’t here, give me a call. I really do like talking with you on the phone and learning about your new project. Give me a call at (713)588-0536.

I have never hired an interior designer before, how much does it cost?

  • The Design for the DIYer package starts at $1000.00. Each package is created for the specific project as the needs may be different. Here are some prices from past projects:
    • Living room with 2 custom sofas $1850.00
    • Master bedroom from all retail sources $1400.00
    • Guest bedroom from all retail sources $1000
  •   Full Service Designs start at $3500.00. I will create a unique package for your project based on the estimated hours it will take to complete. Each one is unique and specialized for different clients. If you have questions call me at 713-588-0536 or email me here

What should I budget for my project?

  • First let me say that home renovations are pretty difficult for me to generalize. Every space is unique. I don’t want to set you up for failure by throwing around random numbers. For that one, call me to set up and Initial Consultation. I need to see the space and get a better scope of the project before I help you with that budget estimation.
  • For average size family room, master bedroom, or dining room the budgets start around $15,000. Most clients spend $15,000 to $35,000 per room. I know that’s not small change, but I want to give you a great design and great quality. Yes, of course you can design a living room for less, but if you sacrifice quality you’re just going to spend more money in year when you’re sick of the uncomfortable sofa or when the rug falls apart. Trust me! You don’t want that.
  • If you are planning to decorate an entire home, the cost to decorate can be around 15-20% of the home.

Do I order the furniture or do you? Do I get any discounts on the furniture?

  • For a Full Service Design, I do all the ordering. It is part of the service and that includes me tracking all the deliveries, dealing with any back ordered or damaged items,  storing the items, and installing everything into the newly designed space. There can be exceptions and those can be discussed during the project.
  •  For Design for the DIYer, I will send you a shopping with links to the items with the details for all the retail items. The retail items will be ordered by you and shipped to your home. All trade items are of course ordered by me and I will ship them directly to your home.
  • For my designer discounts. I do share my discounts with my clients on an item that I am ordering. The discounts vary from vendor to vendor.  The cost for any item does not exceed any retail pricing. I don’t guarantee any discount, but I typically check 2 sources for each item to ensure I am giving you the best price per item.

Can you use my credit card to place orders?

  •  For an e-design, I can use your credit card to assist with ordering. I will provide you with a credit card authorization form that you will fill out. There is a standard 20% procurement fee for ordering. This covers ordering and tracking the order. I will also assist with coordinating delivery.