I know that hiring an interior designer for the first time can be nerve-racking. Don’t stress! I completely understand. Let me answer some of the big questions here. If your question isn’t here, give me a call. I really do like talking with you on the phone and learning about your new project. Give me a call at (713)588-0536.

I have never hired an interior designer before, how much does it cost?

  • For E-Designs and Quick Consults head to those pages for a list of the pricing. For Full Service Designs, it is based of an hourly rate of $95. I will create a unique package for your project based on the estimated hours it will take to complete. For larger rooms likes living rooms, master bedrooms, bathrooms and dining rooms the designs typically take about 15-30 hours. That covers design concept to installation and the big reveal. Smaller rooms like home offices, small guest rooms, and powder bathrooms are typically 8-16 hours per room. I will create a unique package for you since no 2 rooms are the same.

What should I budget for my project?

  • OK! First let me say that home renovations are pretty difficult for me to generalize. Every space is unique. I don’t want to set you up for failure by throwing around random numbers. For that one, call me. I need to see the space and get a better scope of the project before I help you with that budget estimation. For average size family room, master bedroom, or dining room the budgets start around $10,000 to $15,000 and go up from there. I know that’s not small change, but I want to give you a great design and great quality. Yes, of course you can design a living room for less, but if you sacrifice quality you’re just going to spend more money in year when you’re sick of the uncomfortable sofa or when the rug falls apart. Trust me! You don’t want that.

Do I order the furniture or do you? Do I get any discounts on the furniture?

  • I prefer to handle the ordering. It’s not because I want all the credit card points so I can take that trip to Italy I’ve been planning. I really do it to make your life easier. First, I do all the ordering, which takes a while considering I often use 15 sources for 1 project. Second, I track all items and schedule the deliveries. If something is back ordered or comes in damaged, I handle all of that with my reps. If you want to order a non-trade item (an item that is available to the public), you most certainly can. I will send you a PDF with links to the items with all the details. All trade items are of course ordered by me.  Here where the discount part comes in. Any items that you order DO NOT get a discount. I am offered discounts with MOST of the retail stores. Some are 20%. If you shop any where that gives me a discount, I take 10% and the rest of the discount goes to you. I don’t guarantee any discount, but I make sure you get the best price.

Can you use my credit card to place orders

  • I can’t. I’ve learned this the hard way. I tried this in the very beginning. I had clients forget that we were making a large purchase and cancel an order or make a fraud claim. It doesn’t work for anyone in the end. If you want to get some credit card points, you are more than welcome to pay your invoices with a credit card for a small processing fee.
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